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There are no boring topics; there are only boring writers

:: business services ::

I'll help you represent your business, products, services, campaigns or events with clear and engaging copy that will capture your audience's attention from beginning to end. To do this requires a unique, project-specific approach that starts with a firm understanding of your requirements, your target audience and the communication medium being used. This is where I come in.

I offer a wide range of marketing, creative, technical and informational writing and editing services for businesses of all sizes and industries:

  • Marketing & advertising copy: Websites, media kits, brochures, sell sheets, advertorials, emails and letters.
  • Technical & informational copy: Case studies, white papers, user guides and product/how-to manuals.
  • Creative copy: Humour and satire, fiction, creative non-fiction and comic strip scripts.
  • Newsletters: Internal and external newsletters for marketing, information and/or entertainment purposes.
  • Spoken word: Speeches for live presentation and scripts for video voice-overs.
  • Editing: Various editing services — from proofreading (correcting spelling and punctuation errors) to full editing (checking for errors and improving the readability, flow and the overall quality of the writing).
  • Slogans & taglines: Catchy and memorable slogans and taglines to represent your marketing campaigns and brand identity.

What I DO NOT offer is formulaic, cookie-cutter writing laden with unoriginal buzzwords. So if you're looking for a writer to "help thought leaders take things to the next level by promoting synergies and aligning your core competencies with industry best practices in order to implement strategic initiatives to better leverage your assets and accelerate your efficiencies" I'm probably not the writer for you. I'll do it if that's what you really want, but I won't respect myself in the morning.

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:: journalism services ::

As an experienced journalist, researcher and interviewer, I've written hundreds of articles that have been published in print and online publications all over the world — from feature-length articles and short columns to op-eds and product reviews.

I'm always open to new and interesting stories to write about, and I have an extensive portfolio of technology, business, design and communications related articles covering:

  • Application development
  • Content management
  • Digital communication
  • General technology issues
  • Information architecture
  • Intranet development
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Marketing and branding
  • Personal productivity
  • Project management
  • Security & system integrity
  • Software reviews
  • Web design
  • Workplace dynamics

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