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My professional life's mission is to eliminate the creativity-killing scourge known as boredom-induced anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction caused by prolonged exposure to meaningless buzzwords, tedious corpspeak and uninspired clichés. Fortunately, I've spent a lifetime developing a potent remedy: content with substance.

Whether your goal is to sell, to inform or to entertain, I mould ideas into words and words into results. I can cut through verbose and ineffective copy and strengthen your brand in unique ways. By taking the time to understand your needs, your target audience and your communications medium, I'll help you get your message across with clear, concise and engaging copy that will truly capture your readers' attention.

I've been helping businesses and publications represent their brand for over 15 years — from compelling marketing collateral to well-researched journalistic features and op-eds to intriguing speeches and scripts for live and recorded presentations. With a strong technology background and a naturally creative mind, I'm able to explain even the most complex topics in plain language — making clear out of convoluted and lively out of lifeless.

:: writing ::

  • Marketing and advertising collateral: Websites, blogs, brochures, magazine advertisments, media kits, brochures, sell sheets, e-blasts, advertorials, product packaging.
  • Technical and informational content: Manuals, case studies, white papers, user guides, how-to instructions, FAQs.
  • Journalistic articles: Feature articles, editorials, op-eds, columns.
  • Oral copy: Speeches, multimedia scripts, voice-over copy.
  • Creative copy: Humour and satire, fiction, creative nonfiction, comic strip scripts.

:: editing ::

  • Proofreading: Correcting punctuation, grammar and syntax mistakes.
  • Full editing: Rewriting and reorganizing copy to improve the flow, clarity and quality of content. Ensuring content conforms to in-house style⁄brand guides or industry standard style guides (e.g., The Chicago Manual of Style, AP Stylebook, The Canadian Press Stylebook).

:: branding ::

  • Mission and vision statements, slogans and taglines, product and service naming.

:: advertising ::

  • Online and print ad copy, slogans and taglines, ad concept development.

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