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:: business ::

client list

I've provided copywriting and editing services for businesses of all sizes and in various industries. Here's a short list of some of the companies I've worked with:

    LG Electronics Canada

    The Green Beaver Company


    Mono Serra Group




    Admark Communications and Design


    Nmore Brands

    Connect it Networks

    International Beams

    Space and Dream

    TrueAd Consultants

    PnP Jazz

    Intelli Vida


    Paul Chacra Entertainment


Drop me a note if you would like to see some samples of my copywriting work.

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:: journalism ::

Below is a partial list of my published journalisic work. I hold the rights to all articles on this site. Duplication of my work, in any form, without written consent is stricitly forbidden under penality of terrestrial and karmic law. If you're interested in reprint rights to my work—for either websites or for print—please feel free to contact me.

canadian retailer

[pdf] Window Shopping with Style (May/Jun 2008)

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chin music

(intranet journal op-ed column)

Let's Get Together... and Ignore Each Other (Sep 2009)

Developers Can't Discount Human Nature (Jul 2009)

Social Media: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' Brains! (Jun 2009)

Is Social Media Diluting the Message? (May 2009)

Choose an Overseer to Conduct Your Intranet Orchestra (Apr 2009)

A Purpose-Driven Technology Life (Feb 2009)

The Well-Prepared Mobile Superhero (Jan 2009)

Netbooks: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer (Dec 2008)

Are E-tailers Using Customers as Guinea Pigs? (Nov 2008)

Why 'MafiaBoy' is Right About Net's Risks (Oct 2008)

A PC By Any Other Name is Still a PC (Sep 2008)

Dial 'D' for Intranet Developers, Not Designers (Aug 2008)

Marketing vs. Support: Reeling in the Big Fish (Jul 2008)

Collaboration: People Must Come Before Technology (Jun 2008)

Breaking the Content Maintenance Routine (May 2008)

Building a CMS From Scratch Is So 1990s (Apr 2008)

Users Play a Role in Malware Prevention (Mar 2008)

Don Facebook: Don't Ever Leave the Family (Feb 2008)

The New Snake Oil Salesmen (Jan 2008)

Facebook's About-Face: Is Our Privacy for Sale? (Dec 2007)

When Good Tech Support Goes Bad (Nov 2007)

Corpspeak: From Boardroom to Bored Room (Oct 2007)

Don't Blame the Internet (Sep 2007)

Hell No, One-Point-Oh! (Aug 2007)

Hurry Up and Slow Down (Jul 2007)

Do We Take Technology for Granted? (Jun 2007)

Windows Vista? All Hail XP (May 2007)

Who the Heck Needs System Security? You Do! (Apr 2007)

Intranet Manager: The Job No One Wants? (Mar 2007)

Hasta la Vista, Windows (Feb 2007)

Put a Cork in Software (Jan 2007)

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Fact or fiction: The value of corporate user-generated content (Mar 2007)

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dynamic graphics magazine

Keep Computer Data Safe (Oct/Nov 2008)

[pdf] Flying Solo: Do-It-Yourself Computer Troubleshooting (Apr/May 2008)

[pdf] Fact or Fad? Keeping Pace with Technology (Oct/Nov 2007)

[pdf] People vs. Technology: Who's Using Whom? (Aug/Sep 2007)

Jack of Both Trades: The Marriage of Design & Technology (Apr/May 2007)

[pdf] You Make Me Wanna SHOUT! A Podcasting Primer (Feb/Mar 2007)

[pdf] From Pencils to Pixels: The Evolution of Content (Dec/Jan 2007)

[pdf] Digital Brand Identity: Marketing's Great Equalizer (Feb/Mar 2006)

Seeing I to i: Effective Intranet Design (Aug/Sep 2005)

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enterprise information magazine

[pdf] Postmortem part 4: Intranet relaunch (May 2006)

[pdf] Postmortem part 3: Planning for future (Apr 2006)

[pdf] Postmortem part 2: Retrofit or rebuild? (Mar 2006)

[pdf] Postmortem part 1: Why intranets fail (Feb 2006)

[pdf] Intranet security awareness (Nov 2005)

[pdf] Creating a secure intranet environment (Oct 2005)

[pdf] Gauging intranet user reaction (Sep 2005)

[pdf] Effects of technological changes on users (Jul/Aug 2005)

[pdf] Effects of corporate culture on an intranet (Jun 2005)

[pdf] Content owners and developers (May 2005)

[pdf] Intranet consolidation: The power of one (Apr 2005)

[pdf] Intranet content governance and ownership (Mar 2005)

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globe and mail

[+] Malice goes mainstream (17-Jan-2008)

[+] Should your firm be FLOSSing? (13-Sep-2007)

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intranet corner

Le Tour d'Intranet: Avoid the Dreaded Intranet Bonk (Sep 2002)

Too Many Cooks? How Much Control is Too Much? (Jul/Aug 2002)

Securing Intellectual Property From Within (May 2002)

The Truth is Out There: Measuring Intranet ROI (Apr 2002)

Overcoming Intranet Culture Shock (Feb 2002)

Easing and Automating Site Maintenance (Dec 2001)

Building Your Intranet Team (Nov 2001)

Designing an Intranet Security Model (Sep 2001)

Effective Password Protection Methods (Jun 2001)

Bring Out Your Dead! Resurrecting Your Intranet (Jun 2001)

Turning Your Intranet Into a Teacher (Apr 2001)

Controlling the Outbreak of Renegade Web Sites (Dec 2000)

(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About IT... (Sep 2000)

Roadmap to a Successful Intranet (May 2000)

Intranet Development Tools (Apr 2000)

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intranet journal

Is It OK to 'MacGyver' an Intranet Solution? (Oct 2009)

They're Just Not That into Your Intranet (Oct 2009)

Tips for New Intranet Team Leaders (Sep 2009)

Inside IKEA's Human Intranet Approach (Aug 2009)

Five Must-Have Qualities of a Winning Intranet (Aug 2009)

Maintain a Healthy Staff During Tough Times (Jun 2009)

What Does Your Intranet Brand Say? (Jun 2009)

Understanding Your Intranet User Types (May 2009)

Intranet Stimulus Package: Surviving Tough Economic Times (Mar 2009)

Avoid the Pitfalls of Intranet Migration (Feb 2009)

Intranet Content Programming: Connect With Your Audience (Jan 2009)

What's In an Intranet Name? (Dec 2008)

Fighting Intranet User Apathy (Nov 2008)

Open Source vs. Proprietary Intranet Software, Part 3 (Oct 2008)

Open Source vs. Proprietary Intranet Software, Part 2 (Aug 2008)

Open Source vs. Proprietary Intranet Software, Part 1 (Jul 2008)

Intranet Job Rotation: Spreading the Knowledge (Jun 2008)

The 'Soft' Costs of Intranet Failure (May 2008)

Keeping Pace with Intranet Technologies (Apr 2008)

Keep Your Intranet Off Life Support, Part 2 (Mar 2008)

Keep Your Intranet Off Life Support, Part 1 (Feb 2008)

Intranet Migration: 5 Questions Before Moving Day (Feb 2008)

Enterprise IM: Reality or Myth? (Jan 2008)

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Intranet (Nov 2007)

Avoiding Dangerous Intranet Managers (Oct 2007)

Stop the Madness: Learn to Work with IT (Sep 2007)

Avoiding Dangerous Intranet Consultants (Aug 2007)

You Might Be an Intranet Pack Rat If... (Jul 2007)

The Cure for Intranet Burnout (Jun 2007)

The Value of User Perception in Intranet Development (May 2007)

Don't Settle for an Unsuitable Intranet (Apr 2007)

Avoid Common Blogging Blunders, Part 2 (Apr 2007)

Avoid Common Blogging Blunders, Part 1 (Feb 2007)

Intranet Spring-Cleaning for 2007 (Jan 2007)

The Dark Side of Blogging (Dec 2006)

Blogging and the Art of Interviewing (Dec 2006)

Intranet Upgrades: Milestones or Millstones? (Nov 2006)

Tips for Staffing a Help Desk (Help Desk, Part 4) (Nov 2006)

Dealing with Difficult Users (Help Desk, Part 3) (Oct 2006)

Know Thyself: Tips for Help Desk Agents (Help Desk, Part 2) (Oct 2006)

It's Not About the Byte: Creating a Human Help Desk, Part 1 (Sep 2006)

When the Intranet Going Gets Tough (Leadership, Part 4) (Sep 2006)

Resolving Conflicts on Intranet Teams (Leadership, Part 3) (Sep 2006)

The Importance of Intranet Leadership, Part 2 (Aug 2006)

The Importance of Intranet Leadership, Part 1 (Aug 2006)

What Not To Ware: Buying Off-the-Rack Intranet Software (Jul 2006)

Move It on Over: Intranet Migration Basics (Jul 2006)

Intranet Haymakers: Potential Knockout Punches (Jun 2006)

From Slogger to Blogger: Become a Better Blogger (Jun 2006)

Corporate Blogs: Weapons of Crass Discussion? (May 2006)

The Value of User-Generated Content, Part 3 (Apr 2006)

The Value of User-Generated Content, Part 2 (Mar 2006)

The Value of User-Generated Content, Part 1 (Mar 2006)

Support! Support! My Kingdom for Support! (Jan 2006)

Intranets Through Users' Eyes (Dec 2005)

Lil' Orphan Intranet: Adopting an Ownerless System (Dec 2005)

Human-Centered Intranet Design (Nov 2005)

Multi-Tier Intranet Ownership (Nov 2005)

The Evolution of Corporate Communications (Oct 2005)

Information Overload Requires a Human Solution (Oct 2005)

Skeletons in Your Closet: Legalities of Content Use (Oct 2005)

Taking Stock: Intranet Content Audits (Sep 2005)

Establishing Content Credibility (Sep 2005)

Providing Equal Access: Implementing Information Kiosks (Aug 2005)

Building a System from an Intranet Fragment (Aug 2005)

Dealing with Information Overload (Jul 2005)

Working With an Organization's Dark Data (Jul 2005)

Debunking Five Common Intranet Myths (Jun 2005)

Delight or Dismay: Intranet Launch Methods (May 2005)

The Dark Side: Dangers of Renegade Development (May 2005)

Enterprise Information Portals: The Logical Next Step? (Apr 2005)

Guilt by Association: Effects of Unofficial Sites and Apps (Apr 2005)

Introduction to Disaster Recovery Planning (Mar 2005)

To Be, or Not To Be: Intranet Justification (Mar 2005)

Knowledge Sharing: The Facts and the Myths, Part 2 (Feb 2005)

Knowledge Sharing: The Facts and the Myths, Part 1 (Feb 2005)

The Problem with Jack-Of-All-Trades Intranets (Jan 2005)

Intranet New Year's Resolutions (Jan 2005)

Maintaining Your Intranet During the Holidays (Dec 2004)

Designing an Intranet User Survey (Dec 2004)

The Pros and Cons of Third-Party Intranet Hosting (Dec 2004)

Your Next Move: Planning Intranet Upgrades (Nov 2004)

Managing the Keys to Your Intranet (Nov 2004)

Top 10 Ways to Lose Your Intranet Users (Oct 2004)

Beware the Bleeding Edge and Feature Creep (Oct 2004)

The Keys to Maintaining Intranet Integrity, Part 2 (Sep 2004)

The Keys to Maintaining Intranet Integrity, Part 1 (Aug 2004)

The ABCs of Intranet Learning (Aug 2004)

Selling Old-School Management on an Intranet (Aug 2004)

Keeping Your Content Owners... Content (Jul 2004)

Marketing and Promoting Your Intranet (Jun 2004)

Content Life: The Art of Archiving (May 2004)

Creating a Controlled Intranet Management Environment (Apr 2004)

Back to the Intranet Future: Planning For Tomorrow (Mar 2004)

Strength in Numbers: Multi-Site Consolidation (Feb 2004)

The River Wild: The Influences of Corporate Culture (Jan 2004)

The Spy Who Flubbed Me: Security Begins with Education (Dec 2003)

Intranet Standardization: All For One, and One For All (Nov 2003)

The Golden Years of Intranet Life: Retrofit or Rebuild? (Oct 2003)

Intranet Content Organization (Sep 2003)

Law & Order: Content Owners and Developers (Aug 2003)

Push Technology: Still Relevant After All These Years? (Jul 2003)

Intranet Content: Long Live the King (Jun 2003)

(EarthWeb Special Report) Why Projects Fail (May 2003)

Survey Says! Measuring Intranet User Response (Apr 2003)

Convea 5 - Bridging the Groupware Gap (Mar 2003)

Look Before You Leap: The Importance of an Intranet Pilot (Feb 2003)

A Home for Your Intranet, Part 4 - Buying (Jan 2003)

A Home for Your Intranet, Part 3 - Outsourcing (Dec 2002)

A Home for Your Intranet, Part 2 - Building (Nov 2002)

A Home for Your Intranet, Part 1 - Your 3 Choices (Oct 2002)

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:: miscellaneous ::


Best Practices for Developing a Web Site and Developing a Content Management System Strategy, placed #1 and #9 respectively on's "Top 10 Most Popular eBooks" list.

Developing a Content Management System Strategy

Best Practices for Developing a Web Site

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stormwater steve comic strip

Rain Expo (Nov 2010)

Stormwater's Dirty Little Secret (Jun 2010)

BMPs Versus Mosquitoes (Apr 2010)

Green Solution Proposals (Mar 2010)

Regulatory Meeting (Feb 2010)

Acronyms (Feb 2010)

Bioswale Gumbo (Jan 2010)

Tree-in-a-box (Jan 2010)

Oxide-coated Engineered Media, Part 4 (Dec 2009)

Phosphorus BMP That's Feather Free, Part 3 (Nov 2009)

Solutions for Lake Oochiwawa, Part 2 (Nov 2009)

Phosphorus in Lake Oochiwawa, Part 1 (Oct 2009)

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Contributor, Disaster Recovery Planning: An Introduction.
(Book published by Magnus School of Business. ISBN: 1-902796-1-0)

Contributor, E-Work Architect: How HR Leads the Way Using the Internet.
(Book published by Rector Duncan & Associates, Inc. ISBN: 0-9679239-3-X)

Content contributor for University of British Columbia (UBC) and Web Analytics Association (WAA) Web analytics course.

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