Tips for New Intranet Team Leaders

By Paul Chin

Originally published in Intranet Journal (29-Sep-2009)

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Experienced intranet team members work very closely together. They form bonds and even friendships through shared experiences—and they probably have the war stories to prove it. So what happens when a new intranet leader is introduced into a tightly knit team that's worked together for years and tries to lead them?

The incoming leader is going to be an outsider no matter what. It's the new leader's responsibility to prove his or her worth. Here are some tips for new leaders entering an existing intranet team:

Most of all, remember that people respect those who earn their position through effort and experience, not by who they know. So if you got your leadership position because you're the second cousin of your CIO's best friend's neighbor's dog walker... Buddy, you're on your own.

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